Looking for a new mascara to wow you??....... well here it is! Volume Million Lashes Excess by Loreal

By far the best mascara I've used!! I have gotten it for all my friends and family. I even tell strangers how amazing it is. 

Volume Million Lashes Excess is A MUST!!!

I just did my first ever Women's Health, Beauty and Bridal expo yesterday! What a blast! It was at Mohegan Sun and I was with my best friend, favorite hairdresser and her daughter who are also some of my closest friends. I couldn't have asked for a better first experience. Aside from meeting many wonderful brides i got to meet some great vendors too. I will be posting who and where they are next for those looking for some amazing experts. 

I can't wait to beautify the brides I met being there yesterday!! 

FitBride is an aggressive and accelerated 2 month "Strength and Endurance" program designed to drop weight, tone muscle and get your body looking it's best for your wedding day and the pictures that will last a lifetime! The program is a prepaid 32 session package to be scheduled by you and utilized in the 2 months leading up to your big day! Each session is 60 minutes and will be a mixture of strength, toning and all out sweat breaking endurance exercises! You will get diet and fitness coaching as well as access to our complete line of supplements at ridiculously low prices. The per session rate (nearly 1/3 our normal hourly rate) is our wedding gift to you! Call, text or email for more information! 860-214-6771 fitbodypersonaltraining@yahoo.com

* Fitness is my BIGGEST passion outside of makeup! I have tried every kind of diet and crazy fad workout possible. What I have learned is that there is no secret or quick fix to getting in shape. It's actually really simple! Eat healthy and work out! The good old fashion way. And now its FUN for me not work! And it can be the same for you! Greg at FITBODY PERSONAL TRAINING changed that for me. Lifting used to intimidate me, not anymore. I'm stronger than ever and loving it. It has not only changed my body for the better but my confidence is higher. And if you are a competitive girl like me..... it's really exciting to lift the same amount or more as some of the guys in the gym. I like to beat them even if they don't know I'm doing it! 


February 24, 2013

Laura Valentine Makeup is going to be at Mohegan Sun for the Women's Health, Beauty & Bridal Expo! Come check us out and see what specials we can offer you for your wedding day! 
Skincare is so important in making our makeup look flawless. If you are like me, your skin might be in a little need of extra moisture right about now. Besides my wonderful products I use from Savin Dermatology center there are a couple of store bought products that I adore! 

* Kate Somerville Exfolikate
* Natura Bisse Diamond Mist
* Laura Mercier Lip Silk
* Burts Bees Orange Facial Cleanser (thanks to my wonderful BF I tried this one... and I love it! I keep one in my travel bag & one in my gym bag so I have it at all times)
* Maybelline Baby Lips
* Loreal Colour Riche Balm (I use #518 Tender Mauve)

Don't forget your eye cream as well! I like to use mine in the AM only! And no need to break the bank with this one either.... Loreal, Oil of Olay, Mario Badescu all make great eye creams for a reasonable price. In my opinion, this is such a personal choice so I'm not recommending a specific one but insist you use something!!!!!